Frequestly Asked Questions

How much is a tattoo? Each artist has a different way of pricing so minimums may vary. We all require a non-refundable deposit to book an appointment with us. Dani has a minimum of $150, Brittany's is $140, and Annabelle's is $80. If you'd like to know how much for a specific piece, please let us know how big in inches it'd be, the placement of it, if you want it in color or not, and the amount of detail it will have.
Can you do [insert tattoo style]? Dani is a well - rounded artist and can do most styles but their main focus is traditional, neotraditional, and illustrative black and grey florals / botanicals. Annabelle does hand-poked tattoos, their style focuses mostly on dot-work. Brittany is up for mostly anything, but has a focus on fine-line, blackwork, and black and grey styles. Nixie has her own twist on the American traditional tattoo style.
Can you draw up a quick rough sketch of the tattoo before I commit to paying a deposit? No. 'Quick' sketches still take up the artists' time, attention, and energy.
Can you do this[insert huge, detailed tattoo]for [insert absurdly low price]? Tattoos are a serious commitment and they take a lot of skill and work to do. Would you go into work if your boss asked you if you can get paid less ? Yeah, probably not. There's no haggling with this. Prices are FINAL. What we can do is work everything out in sessions and you can pay off the tattoo in increments, that way it's not so much all at once.
Can I just walk in and get a custom piece right then and there? That all depends on whether or not we are not already busy with other clients. We usually prefer if people make appointments with any custom pieces regardless how small and simple it may be. Appointments are always recommended. You can definitely walk in whenever we're open though! We would love to meet and talk to you, we can have a consultation and go from there!
Do I need to tip you? Tipping is always optional, but you should always tip your artist or anyone providing you with a service! It's hard work and we spend a lot of money on our supplies. It's MUCH appreciated whenever we get tipped! We also accept non-monetary tips such as: your own custom artwork or crafts, food and produce ( Dani is vegan though! ), clothing, toys, etc! Getting a sweet gift that you put care and thought into is honestly the best kind of tip and we will always cherish it.
Can I see the design before my appointment? Designs are shown the day of your appointment. Please do not request to see the design beforehand, we are constantly working and it puts a lot of stress and pressure on us to rush through everything. I understand the excitement and anxiety with seeing the tattoo design, but please be patient! There have also been people who will take the design somewhere else to get it done cheaper. We like to protect our original custom designs, that we put a lot of time and effort into, from getting copied. You may request small changes the day of, but asking for big changes or an entirely new design will require another deposit to be put down.
Are touch-ups free? No, they require at least a $20 deposit to cover set-up. If the touch-up takes over an hour to do, it will be $100 per hour. Otherwise, it will only cost $20 if it doesn't take that long. Our time is valuable and there are a lot of supplies that go into each and every tattoo that is done.
Can you put me on a cancellation list so I can get in sooner? We don't have a cancellation list. It is hard to keep track of everyone and everything enough as it is. We will make a post if there has been a cancellation so anyone can claim the spot. So just make sure to frequently check our socials for any updates on cancellations if you're itching to get in sooner!
Is my tattoo supposed to do this? (swell up, get red, peel, scab over, get itchy) Tattoos are a serious procedure and can cause a lot of trauma to your skin. Everyone's bodies will heal and react differently. Healing isn't always smooth-sailing, and that's perfectly okay! We understand how concerning it can be, especially if this is your very first time experiencing it. We usually recommend taking it easy for the next couple days and resting up when you get bigger pieces done. Getting a large piece in full color all in one go will cause your skin the most trauma so it will take a bit longer to heal and has a more likely chance of causing issues during healing. That's why splitting large pieces up into sessions is usually advised. If any fall out or fading occurs, we can always do a touch-up. We know how scary and ugly healing can look, but please contact us first if there is any other concern. Oddly enough doctors don't really know a lot about tattoos. They may give you wrong advice which will cause even more problems. Always contact your tattoo artist before going to see any doctor. Your tattoo artist will give you advice on what to do if you run into any issues and they will let you know if the problem requires medical attention.