Frequestly Asked Questions

Our shop minimum is $80. Our hourly rate is $120. If you'd like to know how much for a specific piece, please let us know how big in inches it'd be, the placement of it, if you want it in color or not, and the amount of detail it will have.

Dani is a well - rounded artist and can do most styles but her main focus is black and grey florals / botanicals. Nixie has her own twist on the american traditional tattoo style Annabelle does handpoked tattoos, her style focuses mostly on dotwork.

No.'Quick' sketches still take up the artists' time, attention, and energy.

Tattoos are a serious commitment and they take a lot of skill and work to do.Would you go into work if your boss asked you if you can get paid less ? Yeah, probably not.There's no haggling with this. Prices are FINAL. What we can do is work everything out in sessions and you can pay off the tattoo in increments, that way it's not so much all at once!

That all depends on whether or not we are not already busy with other clients.We usually prefer if people make appointments with any custom pieces regardless how small and simple it may be.Appointments are always recommended.You can definitely walk in whenever we're open though! We would love to meet and talk to you, we can have a consultation and go from there!

Tipping is always optional, but you should always tip your artist or anyone providing you with a service! It's hard work and we spend a lot of money on our supplies. It's MUCH appreciated whenever we get tipped! If you don't tip it kinda bums us out a little. Most people don't really know you should tip so we don't really take it too personally but I can't say the same for every artist out there. When in doubt just tip, it make everyone on all sides feel good!