Dani Di Pietrantonio (She/He/They)

Dani got their start at a tattoo school based in Brooklyn in 2016. Their apprenticeship lasted 1 year and they now have about 4-5 years of tattoo experience under their belt. They moved from the city to the Hudson Valley in 2017. After about 3 months, they decided to work privately within their own studio. There was a lot of moving around at first before finding the store front on Kerhonkson's main street. Aesthetic Tattoo was assembled shortly hereafter. Dani mostly enjoys tattooing florals and botanicals with a focus on traditional, neo-traditional, and Japanese styles. Lately, Dani has been free-handing a lot of work as well and actually prefers to whenever they get the chance.

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Selected Work

Hand holding peony Hand holding bouquet of flowers Sun Lady Traditional lady head Crying clown baby May Queen Dani from Midsommar Mushroom Pin-up Floral cat pet portrait Memorial soulmate tarot card Castle linework Castle linework Black and grey castle thigh piece Floral thigh piece Bouquet of poisonous flowers linework Raspberry branch linework Black and grey lemon branch Botticelli's Birth of Venus linework Michelangelo's David linework Dali elephant Heart dagger Bumblebee floral sternum piece Butterfly floral underbreast piece Simple floral sternum piece Botanical crystal witch stomach piece Mushroom turtle Mushroom snail Raven, skull, [freehanded] peony half sleeve [Freehanded] Jellyfish thigh piece [Freehanded] bouquet of wildflowers Vase with [freehanded] flowers [Freehanded] peony coverup sternum/under-breast piece Dragonfly