Annabelle Meyer (She/They)

Annabelle Meyer, also known as Honeymoon Ink, started out as a hand-poke artist but is now currently working with a machine. Annabelle is originally self-taught, but they have learned so much since working here at Aesthetic Tattoo for the past couple years. Annabelle has a variety of flash to chose from, and also does small custom tattoos. Annabelle does amazing solid linework and dot-work shading and enjoys tattooing traditional style flash the most.

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Selected Work

Rose in color Butterfly in color Branch dotwork Barbed wire Fern thigh piece Cherub Cupid Tattoo of a bone. Tattoo of two spikes. Tattoo of a ladybug. Tattoo of a flower with two leaves. Tattoo of a skull with a party hat. Tattoo of a person in a ghost costume. Tattoo of a diamond.